County Attorney

The County Attorney provides legal services and support to the Board of County Commissioners and, at the Board’s direction, to all County Departments, such as the County Administrator, County Road Department, Building Official, and Land Use Administrator. Constitutional Officers are provided legal assistance upon request.

The County Attorney prepares and reviews legal documents, Ordinances and Resolutions, responds to litigation by or against the County, provides legal opinions and memoranda requested by the Board and County Departments. The County Attorney provides supporting documentation and a legal opinion in connection with the annual County financial and compliance audit. Upon request, the County Attorney often attends meetings with County staff members.

The Board of County Commissioners, along with the County Attorney, and other staff members, take an active part in being alert and responsive to proposed repeal, additions, or amendments to laws and administrative rules which will affect Holmes County government, and make appropriate response to the United States Congress, the Florida Legislature or administrative boards and departments of State and Federal governments.