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Welcome to Holmes County, Florida!

Holmes County was created in 1848. The county’s namesake is a point of debate. Holmes Creek – the county’s eastern boundary – bore that name before the county was created, but it was originally named Weekaywehatchee (a Creek Indian name meaning “spring creek”). One claim is that the county was named for Thomas J. Holmes, who came from North Carolina to settle in the area about 1830. Another is that it is named after Holmes, an American Indian chief who settled in the area with his band of Red Stick Creek Indians after 1814. He was subsequently killed in 1818 by a raiding party sent by Andrew Jackson during the First Seminole War.[4]

Holmes County has had four county seats in its history. The first was Hewett’s Bluff (later renamed Bear Pen, then Cerro Gordo), then Pittman’s Ferry, then Westville, and finally Bonifay. Bonifay has been the county seat since 1905. Welcome to the website of Holmes County Board of County Commissioners. Our goal is to provide more and better information to keep you, the citizens of Holmes County, informed about your local government. Holmes County currently has an estimated population of 19,927.


ALL Public Record Requests should be sent to David Corbin, County Administrator at [email protected]

PUBLIC CONTACT INFORMATION: If you have any questions or wish to register a complaint regarding Holmes County’s Fair Housing, Equal Employment Opportunity or Section 504 of the Americans with Disabilities Act please contact David Corbin at (850)547-1119 during normal business hours of 8:00 AM to 4:00 PM Monday through Friday.

This website is currently under renovation to ensure accessibility by any disabled individual. Please contact David Corbin at 850-547-1119 for any accessibility issues on the website. If you are using assistive technology to access content on this website and the format of any material interferes with your ability to access it, please let us know immediately and we will correct it. If you contact us, would you please indicate the nature of your accessibility problem, the preferred format in which to receive the material, the webpage address of the requested material, your contact information, and any other information that would allow us to better assist you.

Announcement: The Board of County Commissioners of Holmes County are charged by law to be responsible for the collection, control, and disposal of solid waste and litter in Holmes County. The adequate regulation of the collection and disposal of solid waste and the control of litter have a direct effect on the general health, welfare, and safety of the residents of Holmes County.

Accordingly, Holmes County Ordinance No. 97-01 was adopted March 5, 1997 and established that any person or company who desires to collect, remove, and/or dispose of solid waste from a residence in the unincorporated areas of Holmes County must first be granted a Franchise by the Holmes County Board of County Commissioners.

Recently, multiple notices have been sent to persons or companies who have been noncompliant with Ordinance No. 97-01. Such notice granted an option to renew a franchise for an annual fee of $500. Certain vendors have chosen not to franchise, and were requested to cease operations.